Tackling the ‘Endo Bloat’

Tackling the ‘Endo Bloat’

Left: Relatively recent side on photo of my stomach
Right: My stomach during a recent bad endo flare up, underwear are digging into my stomach halfway up and leggings are covering my underwear.

I feel like I start every post that pertains to my chronic pain like this but hi, my name’s Mal and I have endometriosis.

Along with a delightful cocktail of other life-impinging symptoms, I, like 83% of others with endo, get the pleasure of looking six months pregnant frequently.

For me at least, this bloating is frequent, extreme and painful, which is what sets it apart from being bloated from your period or pasta intake.

Within the endo community we call this bloating ‘endo belly’, and along with fatigue and nausea is one of my most prominent symptoms.

And apart from the pain, you know what this makes really difficult? Pants.

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My Endometriosis Surgery & Recovery

My Endometriosis Surgery & Recovery

Almost four weeks ago I had a laparoscopy which is a keyhole surgery used to examine or operate on, in my case, the source of pelvic pain.

My surgery was to inspect inside my pelvis and excise endometriosis (if found), and I also had a mirena IUD inserted while I was under.

I decided rather than doing a standard blog post about my surgery (which probably would have been three thousand words), I’d switch it up a little bit and vlog my recovery!

This is my first go at something like this, so I’d love if you checked it out! Read more