Living With an Invisible Disability at 21

Living With an Invisible Disability at 21

I turned 21 in November, and spent the following two days in bed.

I wasn’t hungover or recovering from some wild night, but so completely exhausted by my small dinner celebration in which I cooked for four of my friends and then sat at a kitchen table for a few hours.

It was absolutely lovely and I loved every part of it, but just the cooking and baking (which was not monumental by any means) had me in pain before the dishes were clean.

What would maybe be tiring for the average able bodied person, my disability makes beyond draining.

Yes, disability.

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Budget Surplus Thanks to NDIS Cuts

Budget Surplus Thanks to NDIS Cuts

img_2519Image: The Simpsons against the Liberals on Facebook.

The 2019 Australian Budget was released on Tuesday the 2nd of April, boasting a $7.1 billion surplus.

This is the first Budget to be delivered here with a surplus in 12 years, so how is it so huge?

I think the answer to this was put best by Greens spokesman on disability services, Jordan Steele-John, “we’re back in the black, but that surplus is built on the backs of disabled people,” about 23 percent of the surplus is a result of cuts from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Read more