Tackling the ‘Endo Bloat’

Tackling the ‘Endo Bloat’

Left: Relatively recent side on photo of my stomach
Right: My stomach during a recent bad endo flare up, underwear are digging into my stomach halfway up and leggings are covering my underwear.

I feel like I start every post that pertains to my chronic pain like this but hi, my name’s Mal and I have endometriosis.

Along with a delightful cocktail of other life-impinging symptoms, I, like 83% of others with endo, get the pleasure of looking six months pregnant frequently.

For me at least, this bloating is frequent, extreme and painful, which is what sets it apart from being bloated from your period or pasta intake.

Within the endo community we call this bloating ‘endo belly’, and along with fatigue and nausea is one of my most prominent symptoms.

And apart from the pain, you know what this makes really difficult? Pants.

Pants hurt.

They dig in, and even if they have stretch the waist band digs in so much and it’s so painful and then I end up with my stomach looking like this for hours after taking them off:

So, as a result I live in dresses, skirts (high waisted so that I don’t get cut in the middle when I bloat and leggings.

But not just any leggings, because leggings can still end up hurting, but the holy grail of leggings.

The Lululemon ‘Align’ material leggings/ joggers, which run from anywhere between $59 – $129 AUD.

Before you say it, I know. That is an outrageous price tag for a pair of leggings, but I have worn these about 80% of the time since I bought them. They’re that good.

I first saw them in a Buzzfeed article written by Lara, who has endometriosis, so I decided to invest.

And nine months later, I’m still kinda mad about how much I love them.

I bought one pair initially and was so obsessed with them I went instore and asked the sales associate to show me everything else they had in the same material.

I walked out with a second pair of leggings and a pair of joggers.

The material has a four-way stretch and the claim that the waistband “Lies flat against your skin and won’t dig in” is 100% accurate.

They’re more comfortable than my underwear when I’m bloating (which you can see in the picture at the top of this post), I want my entire wardrobe made out of this material.

These leggings have changed the game for me, and I wish I was being dramatic.

If you’re in need of some pants you can actually wear while bloating, I cannot recomend these enough.

If you have any suggestions for a less expensive but equally as magical alternative, please hit me up.

Mal xx

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