Things I Actually Recommend Watching

Things I Actually Recommend Watching

I spend a lot of time watching Netflix, and streaming movies and TV shows in general and while I have issues with so much of what I’ve watched there is some great stuff out there!

But where to start?

Well, here’s seven I love and think you will too.

  1. Euphoria.
    We’re only five episodes into the first season but I’m obsessed. First off, Zendaya is incredible, not only as a person but her as Rue, a teenage addict in love with the Jules, who has eye looks I can only dream of achieving. Also Jules is transgender, played by a transgender actress and is not only a total badass (see episode one and you’ll see what I mean), but is also the object of Rue’s affection which is fucking incredible to see.
  2. One Day at a Time.
    I’ve talked about ODAAT here before but it’s so good I cannot guarantee this will be its last mention. I’m yet to see any show touch this one when it comes to representation of not only people and cultures, but mental health, PTSD and addiction. Also Elena is a feminist icon and her constant frustration with bigotry is too relatable.
  3. Someone Great.
    Gina Rodriguez, need I say more?? But I will, because I loved this so much I watched it for a second time the night after I saw it the first. It is such a beautiful portrayal of female friendship and how relationships breakdown as you grow. Keep the tissues on hand and get ready for a beautiful Gina monologue. Also, bomb soundtrack.
  4. Dumplin’.
    It’s a movie, with a fat main character, who’s main objective isn’t to loose weight!!! It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for. So many beautiful moments and the accuracy in the ‘subtle’ fat shaming from her family. It’s another teary one, but in saying that I cry at the drop of a hat so…
  5. Lovesick.
    This is up there with my favourite shows of all time. It’s so beautifully done and so light and funny but leaves you so invested in some of the character’s relationships and wishing for others to fail. I love the way it moves back and forth in time, using Dylan’s contact with each ex (alphabetically) to notify them that he has chlamydia to see other relationships change.
  6. Please Like Me.
    Funny, often awkward and all together very sweet. The show is written by Australian comedian Josh Thomas, following the lives of Josh (played by himself) and his friends starting as he comes to terms with his sexuality and his mum attempts suicide by pain pills and half a bottle of Baileys.
  7. Atypical.
    There are no words to describe how much I love Atypical. It’s heartfelt, heartwarming and a little heartbreaking all at the same time. I’m so glad it got renewed for season three because it’s so multifaceted and somehow nails absolutely everything.

Happy viewing (or more likely binging) and let me know what you think if you watch any of these!


Mal xx











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