Trinkets – Female Friendship and Predatory Behaviour

Trinkets – Female Friendship and Predatory Behaviour

Ok, so it’s well documented at this point that I have a love hate relationship with Netflix when it comes to their original productions (see here, here and here).

But sometimes they do alright, so I was excited to see the promotions for ‘Trinkets’ popping up.

Three girls, forming an unbreakable bond, beautiful friendships forged over a mutual shoplifting habit.

And for that part of the show, it was really great.

I’m late on writing about this, I watched the whole series pretty soon after it was released.

Honestly, I was hoping that someone from the show or from Netflix would come out and confirm that the adults in this show were younger than we thought and it was all a misunderstanding so that I could write about the things this show did so well.

But that was unrealistic, and I still feel uneasy about the show as a whole, because the reality is the issues in the show are serious and they overshadow everything good about it.

This is probably a good a place as any to mention that this post will probably contain spoilers, but hopefully the issues I take with this show will be enough to stop you from watching it.

So, three girls, Elodie, Moe and Tabitha all presumed to be 16 at the beginning of the show, based on them all being in junior year and Tabitha turning 17 in the fourth episode.

The girls, who each run in different circles all attend the same shoplifters anonymous support group, along with Luca.

Tabitha, after ditching her abusive boyfriend, we see the start of the relationship between her and Luca, which is where you probably started feeling super uncomfortable if you have watched the series.

The issue is, we don’t know how old Luca is.

Now, Luca is a bartender and because the show is set in the state of Oregon, that makes him at least 18.

Luca mentions that he left home and moved to Oregon as soon as he could, presumably when he turned 18, and Sabine (who we will get into in a second), says that she met him a ‘couple’ of years ago, making him at least 20.

The age of consent in Oregon is 18, however the state has what is referred to as a ‘Romeo and Juliet law’, which in this case means that anyone 14 years or older can consent to have sex with someone who is no more than 3 years older than them and so long as there is valid consent the older individual will not be accused of statutory rape.

The two kiss once when Tabitha is 16 (in the same episode where he acknowledges that she is in high school), however the rest of their relationship occurs after her 17th birthday, so if he is 20 this would legally be okay.

However, it is more than possible he is older.

Notably, the moment where he acknowledges that he is aware that Tabitha is in high school is by him saying he doesn’t want to be involved in her high school drama, you know because he has long left high school.

Sabine, who he lives with and was in a relationship with previously raises questions among the audience about his age, particularly because of the wine party they throw together giving off a vibe that seems a little older than 20 and the fact that they rent a full, properly furnished house together???

Also at the end of the season he moves to an apartment by himself, which he is able to afford on his own, to me that feels a little more adult than 20… I’m 20 and sometimes my mum has to send me money so I can afford groceries.

Speaking of Sabine, here comes uncomfortable moment number two.

Sabine, like her roommate, also pursues a minor.

Elodie, who is 16 for the duration of the series is swept up in the minor celebrity that is Sabine.

This seems to be a less talked about issue with the series than the Tabitha-Luca situation, which is gross on so many levels.

Sabine is at least the same age as Luca, and actively pursues Elodie, manipulating her into doing what she wants along the way, like stealing while Elodie insists it’s too risky.

If Sabine is 20 (which she presumably is at least) she is not protected by the Romeo and Juliet law in the state of Oregon.

Additionally, the series ends with Elodie fleeing her father’s house and getting into a van with Sabine to travel across the country on her tour to avoid being sent to a rehabilitation centre.

Elodie is 16, so while Sabine is crossing state lines with a minor, she is old enough to give consent in this context (just) so she’s narrowly missing a felony kidnapping charge.

However the fact that her father was about to drive her to a treatment facility to have her admitted for kleptomania when she fled with Sabine should probably raise some big red flags.

Overall, the show was super disappointing.

There were so many beautiful moments, and so much to love but it was all completely overshadowed by the fact that the show romanticises the pursuit of two minors by frankly predatory adults.

It’s not an element to the show I can pretend doesn’t exist, it put a sour taste in my mouth and I don’t think any number of displays of fantastic female friendship will change that.

Have you seen Trinkets? Did you feel as uncomfortable as I did? Let me know.


Mal xx





5 thoughts on “Trinkets – Female Friendship and Predatory Behaviour

  1. YEP
    especially since it’s just as risky for queer kids as it is for cis & straight couples.
    The fact that the show did a half decent job of portraying an abusive relationship made me have hope that the subplot with these two ADULTS would be actually addressed appropriately (the adults say NOPE TOO YOUNG or something happens and other people get them to stop dating)

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