They’ve Done it Again

They’ve Done it Again

If you’ve been following along here for a while, you’ll know that I have multiple gripes with Netflix, which is frequently a fat shaming mess among projecting a range of other problematic and harmful messages (you can read about that here and here).

Since my last post I do have to give Netflix credit for Dumplin’, which was beautiful, but unfortunately a recent announcement has me seething.

One Day at a Time won’t be renewed for a fourth season.

If you haven’t seen it, you’re probably wondering why I’m throwing a fit over a sitcom being cancelled, but this is so much than just the show, this is about everything it represents.

For me One Day at a Time is the only accurate representation I’ve ever seen of my experience with mental illness, with being dependent on medication, with having family who don’t understand why I need to take anti-depressants to function normally.

But it represents so much more than just that, immigration, latinx issues, alcoholism, addiction, LGBTQ+ issues, racism, PTSD and strained family relationships, just to name a few are displayed so beautifully.

Real issues, real representations, that is what One Day at a Time really is and what is being let go.

For a platform that produces so much problematic and frankly offensive content, losing the future of this show is devastating.

I understand that they don’t believe that enough people watched the show to justify another season, but these representations should mean more to Netflix than just money, especially when you consider that the company made $854 MILLON in profit last year and paid $0 IN TAXES.

So frankly, their reasons for cancelling in their press release hold zero weight in my mind.

If you haven’t seen it, all three seasons are of Netflix and I highly recommend binging it (or just watching it like a normal person, whatever tickles your fancy)



Mal xx

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