100 Vaginas

100 Vaginas


Seattle artist Dani Dodge (@studiododge) is the creator of 100 Vaginas, creating vulva art each day for 100 days from April this year.

Starting as way to help her show more love to herself, her body and to shed sexual shame, Dani created and shared 100 pieces, showcasing the diversity and beauty of the female anatomy.

But creating this series didn’t just help her face issues with sexual shame, but also with her own body issues, helping her to recognise that bodies are bodies, we only get one and to learn to stop wasting time and energy hating it.

100 Vaginas has been met with wonderful discussion, both with her online audience and the people in her life, reactions, affecting people like me who found comfort and liberation in the series and with a surprising lack of trolls online.

There’s really something for everyone’s aesthetic in this collection, some have poems, there’s pubic hair and period blood, watercolours galore and a selection of vulvas displayed as botanicals (which is really cool because vagina is a term also used in botany).

Here are some of my favourites (it was hard to choose, let me tell you!)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, I’m completely obsessed with the botanical pieces in particular.

On her site, Dani also published a blog post on her experience creating 100 Vaginas, which I highly recommend you check out!

Dani is currently turning this project into a book, but in the meantime you can shop some of the pieces here and follow along on Instagram @studiododge and Twitter @danidodge2

You can also find out more about Dani on her site here and become a patron to support her work here (there is an extended version of her blog post on her 100 Vaginas experience on her patreon which I cannot recommend enough!).

I’d like to give a special thank you to Dani for being so on board with me sharing her work here and giving me extra insight to the effects of #100Vaginas, all while putting her book together!


Mal xx

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