Is This the End of Taking Pills for Period Pain?

Is This the End of Taking Pills for Period Pain?

If you’re coming into this as a skeptic, I was you before I tried this so just hear me out.

Period pain management has been something I’ve really struggled with over the past few years, as my cramps have intensified.

I haven’t always had stomach cramps on my period and since they have become apart of my period-ing reality they have steadily gotten worse (and worse), to the point where some cramps leave me unable to move for periods of time.

When I started having periods I would mostly just have back pain (which I have become a champion of handling due to other back issues over time), but now back pain seems to just indicate the start of my period.

I also really don’t like taking pain killers for any reason (barring anti inflammatorys) and paracetamol makes me sleepy.

Also, I’ve never found and pain killer that really works for me and really stops me feeling the pain and those that help ease it a little take too long to kick in,

So after um-ing and ah-ing for months over whether to take the plunge I finally did.

I bought the Livia device.

You might of seen it, I get ads for the device quite frequently on both Instagram and Facebook, which all seemed to be paired with rave reviews.

I also did a bit more reading of reviews on different sites before I bought and for the most part they were very positive.

When I ordered it I still kind of convinced it was a hoax but I was curious enough to see what all of these people saw in it.

And then it arrived.

Currently, my worst cramps are in the week before my period and my package from Livia was delivered the day before the worst two days of cramps this cycle.

I had to take paracetamol at uni that day because with hours of class left I was doubled over at my table holding my breath to try and ease the pain.

So when I got home and the paracetamol had started to wear off I stuck it on for the first time.

The best way I can sum up my reaction is – Holy Sh*t.

In less than 30 seconds I was sold.

I’m still convinced that it’s magical, my pain just disappeared.

After years of debilitating period pain that pain killers could only ever ease, not stop, this is a complete game changer for me.

And it was instant, stick on the electrodes and turn it up to the required intensity and BAM the pain is gone.

I know as you’re reading this, if you haven’t tried it I’m probably not really convincing you, but I swear to you this device has changed my life.

It’s very slim and you can wear it under clothes or clipped onto your waistband

Also if you’re like me and like to sleep with no pants (or just take any opportunity to wear no pants) it clips and stays on to underwear.

(I feel like that information isn’t at all required but it was very important to me)


So what is it doing exactly?

Basically the device has two ‘flower pads’ that stick onto where you are feeling the pain and use electrical pulses to block pain.

Sounds far fetched, I know but basically you stick it to your bod, turn it on and turn it up or down based on your pain.

The pulses themselves don’t hurt, its a bit of a shock (har har) when you turn it up, but you get used to it and it’s not bad by any means.

It doesn’t feel like an electric shock though, its almost like a buzzing vibration and when you have extreme cramps the sensation can be a little uncomfortable to start with, but I can nap with it on!

I need to mention though, I haven’t used this on my back as its too sensitive and I don’t change the things that work for it, because of my aforementioned back issues.

I really love my Livia, but it goes for $260 (it is often on sale for 20% off so that softens the blow a little).

So, is it worth it?

For me, it absolutely was, but should you buy it?

In my unprofessional opinion, if you suffer from chronic or debilitating period pain this is an option that might be worth looking into.

However, if you don’t experience consistent cramps or have a pain management strategy that works for you and you’re happy with, I probably wouldn’t recommend it, just because of the cost.

Livia does have a 120 day money back guarantee, so if you’re not sure, you always have the opportunity to try it out for a few months.

All I can really leave you with is that this device literally changed my life within the span of one period.

And that if you do order one, don’t stick the flower pads together while you’re not using it, the sticky parts don’t come apart so nicely.

How do you manage your period pain? Have you tried the Livia? What do you think? Let me know!


Mal xx

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